Team Pittsburgh In-House League

The Team Pittsburgh in-house league has 26 teams with age groups of boys and girls ranging from 4 - 19.  There is a league for everyone.  All of our officials are certified by the United States Dek Hockey Federation.  We have a fully stocked pro shop for all your hockey needs as well as a concession stand. We run 4 seasons per year, a Spring, Summer, Fall 1, and Fall 2. They run from March to December with no winter season. The seasons are made up of 10 regular season games and a double-elimination playoff. 

The summer session is a shortened format with one game per week and no games Friday - Monday.  This was done with the intention of not interfering with family summer plans, but also trying to keep the kids skills sharp during the summer.

In all divisions except Chipmunk, full time goalie registration fees are refunded at the end of the season.  To have your registration fees refunded, your child must play 8 out of the 10 regular season games.

Your child will play in the age group of their age on January 1st.  They will play in that age group during all 4 seasons in that year. Girls get an extra year at each division. For example, the Chipmunk age group for girls is 4-7.

League Administrators

Mike Ursta- Chipmunk (age 4-6) Phone: 412 992-0855

Mike Albright- Penguin (age 7-9) Phone: 412 913 9966

Gary Wesolowski - Beaver (age 10-12) Phone: 412 398-1855

Willie Rennebeck- Cadet (age 13-15) Phone: 412 417-9059

Jeff Johnstone- Freshmen (16-19) Phone: 412 480-4516

Cost to sign up is $65 per season ($35 per chipmunk player) and a family sign up is a maximum of $150. 

If anyone has any questions about rosters, schedules, coaches or any other topic pertaining to a specific age group, please contact the administrators listed above. The administrators are the best source of information for their respective age groups. 

In-House Rules and Regulations

Note: Team Pittsburgh follows the rulebook from the United States Dekhockey Federation. There are a few exceptions whereby Ballhockey rules are followed. Please see the Rules Addendum - 2018 for more information. Please download a copy of our rules by clicking buttons below: